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While every home is unique, we have found there are similarities in the environments New Zealanders like to create and the comfort they seek to achieve. We work closely with clients right from the beginning to develop a design solution that truly embodies their vision. We engage with and work alongside architects, engineers and builders to create and deliver technical HVAC solutions that maximise performance and efficiency and minimise financial and environmental burden, without compromising design.

We enjoy creating places and spaces that produce the ultimate comfort for our clients, with energy-efficient designs that bring sustainability to the forefront. Our team is there, every step of the way to safeguard this vision, oversee the process and ensure a delivery that surpasses expectations.

Ventilation integrated into architectural house in Mangawhai

Integrated HVAC design

We curate every detail when designing an air conditioning solution, to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ensure that form seamlessly meets function.

Our engineers thoughtfully integrate the system into the architectural design, with discreet vents and grilles strategically positioned to provide peak airflow without compromising the clean lines or design of the home. Zoning capabilities allow for personalised comfort, whether the intimate warmth of a bedroom or the refreshing ambience of a living room is sought, the system can create a tailored microclimate for every space.

Indoor HVAC finish

Optimise your home ventilation

Home ventilation is a crucial part of the building design when ensuring indoor air quality and comfort. We strategically design and place ventilation systems within the home to promote the exchange of indoor and outdoor air to effectively remove pollutants, reduce moisture levels and regulate indoor temperatures.

Using fans and ducts to actively move air throughout the living spaces, systems can be designed for whole-house ventilation or targeted to specific areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Balancing energy efficiency with ventilation effectiveness is a key consideration and heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are designed to minimise heat loss while ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air. The system captures heat or humidity from outgoing air to incoming air, reducing the load on your heating or cooling systems.

Ultimately, a well-designed ventilation system contributes to a healthier indoor and more comfortable living environment, while promoting energy conservation and sustainable design practices.

Hydronic underfloor heating

A complete level of comfort, hydronic underfloor heating transcends traditional heating methods. As warmth comes from below, the hydronic system is designed to circulate warm water through a network of pipes beneath the floor surface. Unlike conventional heating methods that rely on forced air, this ensures an even distribution of warmth across the entire floor, eliminating cold spots and creating a consistent thermal blanket throughout the living space.

The radiant heat not only warms the floor but gently rises to create a naturally cosy environment. The absence of drafts and silent operation of the system, coupled with temperature control allows for personalised comfort in every room.

Underfloor heating not only addresses the physical aspect of comfort, but the absence of visible heating elements allows for an unobstructed aesthetic, aiding freedom in interior design without compromising on comfort.

Featured projects

Auckland Cityscape

Custom Design for Newmarket Apartments

Transforming outdated HVAC systems into an efficient, elegant solution was the goal for our client. With creative thinking and strategic design, we delivered a bespoke HVAC system, blending into the space while optimising climate control.

Te Arai Pizza Barn

HVAC Services at Te Arai Links Clubhouse

Chilltech was entrusted with maintaining HVAC systems at the upscale Te Arai Links Clubhouse and Ric’s Pizza Barn, ensuring top-notch service without disrupting the experience expected by staff, members and guests.

Home lit up with lights at dusk

HVAC Comfort for Mangawhai Home

Chilltech tackled an inefficient and loud ducted air conditioning system, causing discomfort and high energy use. A detailed audit showed the system was misaligned with the home’s layout, affecting heating and cooling distribution.