Residential Service & Maintenance

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Flexible solutions for your home

We understand that, although we have to fulfil our obligations to the recommendations of the building code and maintain the systems within a home, we are also aware that our clients are expecting a quality experience. We are always flexible and able to work with them or their property managers to enable us to work around clients, their guests and their schedules. Based on these requirements we can put together a service and maintenance package that we can carry out around the property’s occupancy to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Man servicing air conditioning unit

Air conditioning maintenance

Regular servicing of air conditioning systems is important to ensure top performance and energy efficiency. Our technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your system to ensure functionality, and airflow and catch any potential issues before they escalate. Periodic maintenance checks not only extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system but also improve energy efficiency, which saves money on utility bills.

Man changing home ventilation filters

Home ventilation maintenance

Regular maintenance of ventilation equipment is crucial for sustaining optimal indoor air quality and efficient airflow. Our technicians inspect and clean ventilation ducts, removing dust and debris to prevent air circulation issues. We also check and replace air filters to ensure a healthy environment by minimising mould buildup, allergens and pollutants. A proactive approach to maintenance ensures efficiency and reduces potential health risks.

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Energy efficent underfloor heating

Routine maintenance checks of underfloor heating systems ensure the best performance and longevity. Our technicians will inspect and maintain the system components to ensure sufficient operation, often bleeding air from the system and flushing to remove debris, monitoring thermostat functionality and inspecting the distribution system for any leaks or blockages. Regular servicing helps prevent malfunctions, ensures energy efficiency and extends the lifespan of the system. Annual inspections are recommended to address potential issues early and ensure consistent, comfortable heating throughout the home.

Featured projects

Chilltech_Interior HVAC Finish

HVAC Solution for Kaikohe Innovation Hub

Chilltech, sought for expertise in installation, designed tailored HVAC solutions for three buildings in Kaikohe’s Innovation Park: Regent Training Centre, NorthTec Te Pukenga, and Innovation Hub, ensuring optimal functionality for each.

Home lit up with lights at dusk

HVAC Comfort for Mangawhai Home

Chilltech tackled an inefficient and loud ducted air conditioning system, causing discomfort and high energy use. A detailed audit showed the system was misaligned with the home’s layout, affecting heating and cooling distribution.

Te Arai Pizza Barn

HVAC Services at Te Arai Links Clubhouse

Chilltech was entrusted with maintaining HVAC systems at the upscale Te Arai Links Clubhouse and Ric’s Pizza Barn, ensuring top-notch service without disrupting the experience expected by staff, members and guests.