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Custom HVAC solutions for every home

Every home is as unique as each of our clients. With personal requirements at the forefront, our team work closely with our clients to find a perfect fit for their home and budget.

We supply and install HVAC solutions from leading manufacturers. Our team ensure careful installation so you can experience personalised climate control year-round, enjoy enhanced air quality and utilise smart technology for convenient temperature control at your fingertips.

Hand with remote directed on air conditioner

Find the right system for your home

Chilltech works with the leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems; specialising in Daikin, we also supply and install Mitsubishi and Panasonic systems. Air conditioning systems keep your home cool and comfortable in the hot summer months and warm and cosy throughout the cooler months. Choosing the right system depends on your home’s size, layout and personal cooling preferences. Our team work closely with our clients, offering sound advice to find a perfect fit for their home, budget and personal requirements.

Home ventilation for healthy living

Home ventilation systems are crucial for maintaining indoor air quality and promoting healthy living environments. These systems are designed to exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air to prevent the buildup of pollutants, allergens and moisture in your home. Regular cleaning and filter replacement are essential to ensure the effectiveness of the system and the best indoor air quality.

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Enjoy underfloor heating in your home

Underfloor heating is a modern and efficient method of heating homes by installing hydronic heating elements beneath the floor surface, with water-filled pipes to generate heat.

A key advantage of underfloor heating is its ability to provide even and comfortable heat distribution across the entire living space. This eliminates the need for traditional heaters or radiators, freeing up wall space and enhancing interior design possibilities. Additionally, underfloor heating systems are energy efficient as they operate at lower temperatures than traditional heating methods, meaning potential energy savings.

Underfloor heating technology is suitable for various flooring materials such as tile, stone, laminate and even carpet. While the initial installation cost may be higher compared to conventional heating systems, the long-term benefits, energy efficiency and greater comfort make underfloor heating an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking a more modern and effective heating solution.

Featured projects

Auckland Cityscape

Custom Design for Newmarket Apartments

Transforming outdated HVAC systems into an efficient, elegant solution was the goal for our client. With creative thinking and strategic design, we delivered a bespoke HVAC system, blending into the space while optimising climate control.

Home lit up with lights at dusk

HVAC Comfort for Mangawhai Home

Chilltech tackled an inefficient and loud ducted air conditioning system, causing discomfort and high energy use. A detailed audit showed the system was misaligned with the home’s layout, affecting heating and cooling distribution.

Te Arai Pizza Barn

HVAC Services at Te Arai Links Clubhouse

Chilltech was entrusted with maintaining HVAC systems at the upscale Te Arai Links Clubhouse and Ric’s Pizza Barn, ensuring top-notch service without disrupting the experience expected by staff, members and guests.