Service & Maintenance

Chilltech_Waitangi_HVAC Service and Maintenance

Historic Preservation in Waitangi

Chilltech implements custom maintenance procedures for Waitangi's museums, preserving precious taonga with 24/7 HVAC operations and proactive inspections.

HVAC outdoor chiller sits on rooftop

Revitalising Maat Group’s Office Buildings

Maat Group needed support to address immediate issues and provide cost-effective, long-term solutions. Chilltech’s team conducted an assessment of each building’s HVAC systems and identified critical areas for improvement.

Te Arai Pizza Barn

HVAC Services at Te Arai Links Clubhouse

Chilltech was entrusted with maintaining HVAC systems at the upscale Te Arai Links Clubhouse and Ric’s Pizza Barn, ensuring top-notch service without disrupting the experience expected by staff, members and guests.

Home lit up with lights at dusk

HVAC Comfort for Mangawhai Home

Chilltech tackled an inefficient and loud ducted air conditioning system, causing discomfort and high energy use. A detailed audit showed the system was misaligned with the home's layout, affecting heating and cooling distribution.