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Underfloor Heating

Chilltech install one of the most comfortable forms of heating available to the modern home. By using polybutene tubing (PE-RT) to convey warm water to each heated area, the under floor circuits provide a totally unobtrusive heating system to your home. Built to release the perfect balance of thermal radiation and convection, these systems do not circulate dust and pollen through the air and are silent in operation whilst gently heating the walking surfaces of your home.

Heat Source

Chilltech are able to work with most domestic heat sources (electricity, gas, solar, wetbacks, diesel boilers and waste heat), however our preferred choice is to install a hot water heatpump as the heat source which are the most energy efficient heating systems available. Heatpumps may also be used to heat your domestic household hot water, swimming pool or spa.

Control Panel

A slim line control panel houses the heart of the system. Fitting neatly into the wall cavity, it can be installed under the stairs, in a garage or store room, laundry or cupboard.

ChillTechnology - Underfloor Heating
ChillTechnology - Underfloor Heating

Heating Circuits

The network of tubing embedded in the concrete slab conveys the warmed water from the control panel to each area you want heated. Each zone can be controlled by a thermostat to meet the individual needs of that space.

Benefits of radiant under floor heating

  • A snug environment with the same constant temperature all around you
  • Eliminates hot or cold air flows around a room and ensures the warmest part of the room is around your feet – not the ceiling
  • Clean and hygenic with no dust circulation, excellent for people who suffer from asthma or allergies
  • Complete freedom for innovative interior design – no radiators
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Separate control available for any room or zone means you can tailor the water flow for each areas to suit individual requirements night and day

What our clients say

"The work was carefully executed, with competent and friendly staff"

Phillip & Patricia Hughes

"Right from the start we received warm and professional service and have been kept informed the whole way. The installers were great, they were polite and respective of our house and grounds."

Aaron Nelson

"Salesman and installation staff excellent"

Bernadette Chittock

"The service you carried out pre and post work has been fantastic"

Vivienne Elder-Smith, OPUS Architecture

"We are really happy with the result and can recommend Jim and your team for a professional job well done"

Roger Winton, Hearingcare

"The quick response to our enquiry by Jim Kettlewell was excellent"

Peter Reynolds

"Courteous and efficient"

William Speary

"The service from your employees was superb"

Bruce and Judith Grant

"Appreciate the quality of service"

Peter Byers, Byers and Co LTD

"The staff were courteous and polite at all times"

Wayne and Carol Stead

"We will certainly recommend Chilltech to our friends"

Les and Margaret Martin
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